About the Author


Crystal Drake
is a pseudonym for a multi-published Bookstrand author
writing Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure.
When her head isnít on the Net or in a book,
she plays with her hyperactive puppy, enjoys her wonderful family,
and longs for exciting adventures with brave heroes
on wild and dangerous worlds.

Explore her universes.

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Crystal jazzes with the sea Earthlings
(while wearing her sister's magical hat).


Nonsensical Ramblings
From a Person Who Doesn't Exist:

It's all about that hat, I tells ya.

This photo best shows off the magical hat.
(And my sister's PhotoShop skills. Wokka, wokka.)
But how do I explain how I'm underwater--with the hat!--in that picture?
This issue bothered me, haunted me. At times, drove me to the depths of madness.
Then I thought...stop asking stupid questions, Crystal.
That the hat and I don't look wet is just part of the hat's magic.
(Or PhotoShop.)
All I can say is, the starfish on the right got fresh with me.
Five feelers, you know. I feel victimized.

More importantly, where do I get a hat like that?
I confess, I'm coveting it.
Sister better keep an eye on this fabulous hat.
Razor wire around the hat box should do the trick.
I won't cross razor wire. She knows this.

(Note to Self:
Purchase razorproof pants, jacket, and thick leather gloves for future secret mission. Unless...Sister rents Dobermans for home security. Dang! She'll probably think of it. She is a worthy adversary. Take raw steaks, just in case.)


Well, fudge. Mission plans are scrapped. Momma taught us morals, after all.
"Don't B&E your sister's house,
no matter how fabulous the possession she owns."
I remember Mom saying this specifically.
I won't snatch Sister's cool hat,
and she (probably) won't train Dobermans to go for my throat.
Not as long as I maintain a fair distance from the current World's Most Fabulous Object.
She looks much better in the hat, and I accept that.
You might see that strategy train in a future story.

Have a super day from a person who doesn't exist.
Eat organic for better health. And kiss Mother Earth by recycling and repurposing.