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of Pygras


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     High Commander Kade Quil loathes everything about his former enemy world, Pygras. Ordered to assist a Pygrian priestess on a rescue mission, he explodes—until he meets the graceful shape-shifter priestess assigned him. Her enchanting pink eyes halt his warpath. What creature could she manifest?

     Scholar Willa Canatar must save her kidnapped sister, but tolerating the handsome but nasty-dispositioned investigator is torture. When tragedy blows their mission apart, the priestess and the cop become entangled in the turbulent forces of the universe.

     The invincible Master of Cig wants the shape-shifters dead, their magic stolen, so he’s experimenting on them, exterminating their prophecy of his fall. Before he accomplishes his evil plot, he’ll face a sneaky cop with few boundaries, a beautiful priestess, and a wolf-spirit from the Second Universe ready to prove the Master’s immortality a myth.

     Someone near the Master holds the secret to trumping the undefeated Kade Quil—take the priestess the high commander wants, and kill his people.

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[ This excerpt is rated R. ]
The Mating Dance

When dinner was done and the utensils stashed on a side table, Kade blew out the flame of the bedside lamp, leaving the fire of the hearth to push back the shadows of their room. He joined Willa stretched out on their bed, appearing to savor her with his sight. Long-limbed, full of muscles, brains, and boldness, he was a paramount example of planet Rhonta’s sons at their finest, Nature in its most sensual masculine design. Willa didn’t know how much time the universe had allocated her to be in his arms, but she vowed to enjoy the moments. The sexy sexy moments.

“I’ve begun to read the books taken from the toppled cathedral library.”

Pride lit his face. “That’s brave of you, Willa. I didn’t think a scholar would give up the opportunity to study secrets worth stashing behind a hidden door.”

Her grief of the temple murder required her to face down its contents.

“I gave it my best effort to reorder the books I’d broken, not as hard a task as it would seem. I’d sorted by handwriting. The first stack of pages I’m exploring is a diary.”

“A diary? Any juicy secrets?”

“How swift of you to ask.”

He winked at her. “I’ve been on the inside of a few diaries.”

“A shameless character of seduction, no doubt.”

He conceded her win on that point. “What does the dairy say?”

“A Mathari priestess named Teesha had written it. How long ago, I can’t tell from the foreign dates, but I’ll ask for a friend’s guidance on that subject. It specifically mentions the shape-shifting talent.”

Kade could not have looked more surprised by the discovery than if she’d slapped his face.

“In a Cig document? What does it say?”

“So far, it only loosely describes the magic. Teesha had referred to the talent as union with companion-souls in the Second Universe. To our understanding, this is an accurate interpretation of the gift in simplest terms. I’ve thought about it all day. If the dates turn out to be more than just a few centuries old, it’ll appear evidential planet Cig is the origin of the shift.”

Contemplating, he rubbed his smooth jaw, then he propped himself on an elbow beside her, gazing down upon her. The angle reminded her of him above her locked in her thighs.


“Keep reading. These books may tell us more important things.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t give it up, if it were demanded of me. It’s a love story between a priestess and a Ministry officer. I’m addicted already.”

Entertained by her girlish vulnerability, he leaned over and placed a light and promising kiss on her lips, and then he pulled away, smiling wickedly and twirling his favorite lock of her hair.

“Do you like romance, Willa? Are you susceptible to such magiccraft, spell caster?”

Coy under his concentrated attention, shy darted her eyes, but then she forced herself to regard him eye-to-eye and not shy away.

“Romance is the mating dance of our species, High Commander.”

“Well stated, priestess. Would you like to dance?”

Kade rose to his feet, drew Willa to hers and into his arms, then he danced her around the flame-flickered room for a few spins pressed tightly against him. When he stilled them, he tucked her hand into his capture and pressed her palm against his naked chest. She could feel his heartbeat.

His grin softened, and the heat in his vision focused on her. Their bodies were in full flush with one another. His hand at the small of her back moved into her tresses, brought her to his mouth, and he kissed her, slowly at first. His tongue in her mouth moved her to hunger. Oh, how her whole body responded to him in new ways.

When his mouth parted from hers, he sent his hands sliding down her gowned body, and he groaned from the pleasure of it. She noticed he liked to do that, stroke her figure. The sensation of his fingertips pressing the soft fabric against her flesh transported her.

His gentle touch, slow and adventurous, moved to caress the sides of her breasts, setting the flesh afire with the graze of his thumbs against her nipples until every part of her felt each stroke. Her breath labored with every touch.

Parting from her, he stripped her of the shielding gown and softly guided her back to their bed, putting her flat on her back, her breasts jutting into the air.

“You’re beautiful, Willa. Seeing you laid out before me like a buffet makes me lose my mind.”

He kissed her again, marauding her mouth this time, robbing her of her weak will and sense of the room. Then he lavished sucking kisses to her throat, sending cravings through her. Her quickened breath made her breasts graze the hair of his chest, spreading a wildfire titillation through her body.



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