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     High Commander Kade Quil loathes everything about his former enemy world, Pygras. Ordered to assist a Pygrian priestess on a rescue mission, he explodes—until he meets the graceful shape-shifter priestess assigned him. Her enchanting pink eyes halt his warpath. What creature could she manifest?

     Scholar Willa Canatar must save her kidnapped sister, but tolerating the handsome but nasty-dispositioned investigator is torture. When tragedy blows their mission apart, the priestess and the cop become entangled in the turbulent forces of the universe.

     The invincible Master of Cig wants the shape-shifters dead, their magic stolen, so he’s experimenting on them, exterminating their prophecy of his fall. Before he accomplishes his evil plot, he’ll face a sneaky cop with few boundaries, a beautiful priestess, and a wolf-spirit from the Second Universe ready to prove the Master’s immortality a myth.

     Someone near the Master holds the secret to trumping the undefeated Kade Quil—take the priestess the high commander wants, and kill his people.

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[ This excerpt is rated R. ]
At the Spring


An unnamable despondency lingering in Kade's dark eyes cut into Willa's soul.

“What disturbs you, Kade? Do you believe Valco is still around? I doubt he is. Your appearance gave him great desire to be away from here.”

“No, I’ve no worries of that traitor. And if he’s hidden in the woods watching, he would see he can’t take you from me.”

But Kade looked sad and preoccupied. She’d seen him angry, frustrated, gleeful, sympathetic, quiet, and always sexy, but never sad.

“Tell me what bothers you.”

“I’m waiting for something, Willa,” he confessed to her mysteriously. The water of the spring lapped up their lounging bodies. “I’m prepared to wait a while. I know I need to be patient, nurture it along until it finally happens. But I’m concentrated on that goal. I have to know for sure.”

She loathed the distance between them and whatever stole his mind from her. She wanted to feel his weight against her, feel him when their moment of finest pleasure happened. She felt fireworks for him now when she closed her eyes.

The thought occurred to her he might not make love to her until he’d received this profound thing he awaited, and she couldn’t live with that. Did he blame her for some part of Valco’s sin against them?

“Kade, whatever I’ve done to upset you, tell me of it and forgive me. You feel far away, and all I want is for you to come back and make love to me. I want to feel like I’m yours again.”

He broke out into the loudest laugh she’d ever heard, stunning her.

The light in his eyes and the grin on his face were suddenly outrageous. “I’d thought it would take so much longer to hear you say that. I’d been sure of it. I’d been prepared to wait weeks to hear you ask me to make love to you, Willa.”

She smiled, but her expression couldn’t have reflected her relief to hear he hadn’t grown tired of her, wasn’t considering dumping her on the side of the road like last week’s entertainment.

Not yet.

He pressed a hot kiss to her wanting mouth, moving to put himself between her legs. Where he belonged. The feel of him there made her shiver.

When she parted from his kiss, she gazed into his sexy eyes filled too easily with victory. Was reassurance of her devotion all he wanted? She would have built a pyramid for him.

“Kade, will you make love to me?” Already, her breath was labored. “I’ve an unrelenting drive to stay in your touch and beneath you. Locked in your custody, High Commander.”

His smile triumphant, he kissed her deeply, a hot kiss full of want that made her body throb. The steamy water of the spring rocked against their bodies, melting them into one.

He parted from her lips with mischief in his eyes, and his smile grew into his wolf’s grin. His vision scanning the moonlight-dappled woods around them, he whispered, “Do you think the trickster could be watching us?”

A little anxious at the prospect, she scanned the night-shrouded forest, the lunar-glistened leaves flittering to the gentle wind. “There are thick bushes…wide trees…and shadow. Valco could be there.”

Kade’s smile turned vengeful. “I’m going to show him he can’t touch my stuff.”

The sexy high commander rose from the water, his bronze body glittering with moonlit drizzles, and he went to her clothes folded neatly in the grass. He shook out the silver gown he’d stolen for her and spread the full skirt onto the grass. Next, he bundled his own uniform slacks and placed it at the neck of the gown, then he returned for her.

Drawing her to her feet, he scooped her up into her arms, surprising her and making her giggle. The cool air slapped her naked body made hot by the springs, and she shivered.

“I’ll warm you.” His naughty expression filled her with anticipation. Her arms looped around his neck, she pressed a giggling kiss to his lips, and the contact sent a rush of pleasure through her.

He hauled her to the clothes, laid her upon the spread dress, and made sure the wadded clothes served as her pillow. He folded his uniform shell and placed it beneath her hips, boosting them higher for his mischief.

Thrill shot through her. What would he do?

Their smiles were out of control.

“Do you think Valco’s watching?” Her sight again combed through the shadow and trees in search of a sign of human movement. It was so dark deep within the veil of forest around them.

Over her, Kade gently cupped her chin and brought her sight back to him.

“If that traitor is spying on us, this is what I want him to see. This will warn him. If he attempts to take you again…he’ll draw my blade.”

The high commander opened her legs, knelt between them in his power position, and he caressed her thighs with his big, hot hands. Her legs quivered and heated. The wetness he caused was instant. The sight of his ready erection made her hungry for him. He stretched over her and applied a hungry kiss to her lips that drove away her fear.

Then he moved down her body, placing tiny sucking kisses down her neck and shoulders, tickling her. The chilly breeze titillated her wet flesh. His hot mouth reached her breasts to find them rushing for his attention. He suckled one, then the other, and she couldn’t stop whispering his name. He trailed kisses down her stomach until he reached the apex of her womanhood. The imagining of his mouth anywhere near that pleasure center made her mind and body feel as though she spun.

“Oh, Kade…” came out in a rushing breath, her body shivering again.

“Willa… I want Valco to see me worship you like this.”

She shuddered and moaned and felt terribly hungry.

“You’re very wet, Willa… Do you want me?”

Her thighs shook at his stimulation. “I don’t want anything like I want you, Kade.”

“I don’t want anything like I want you, priestess. Tell that deceiver he can’t take you from me, Willa.”

     Kade went down on her, surprising her and making her cry out his name.


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