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Are you ready to live a harrowing adventure
with a shape-shifter on another world?
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Who can defy the forces of the universe?

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Magnetism: Unusual power to attract, fascinate, or influence.


Book One of
The Shape-shifting Priestesses
of Pygras


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"I am the emperor’s muscle."

     As embattled worlds welcome a long-awaited cease-fire, High Commander Ty Draycie seeks evidence against a rebel force undermining his family’s rule of their growing kingdom. Under royal insistence, he takes along on his mission a gorgeous, raven-tressed alien priestess who will serve as lure for a traitor. Disbelieving space tales of shape-shifters, Ty’s mind is filled with want for the pink-eyed witch.

Priestess Zia Valentis has lost much to this shaky new peace. Now a genocidal monster hunts her. Her defense awaits in the majestic white tigress, the priestess’s companion-spirit in the Second Universe. Safety lay in the virile high commander’s guard, but falling into his sensuous temptation will cost her the sacred shift forever. Could she steal Ty’s healthy genes for her dying world without suffering his great power to smash her plans?

The vicious Desert Viper gives chase, ready to eliminate the shape-shifting priestesses of Pygras, beginning with Zia, the shifter held by his worst enemy, Ty Draycie.

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Entanglement: An instantaneous link between particles that remains strong, secure, and undiluted, no matter how far apart the particles may be—even if they are on opposite sides of the universe.
- Teleportation, The Impossible Leap, by Dr. David Darling

Entanglement sounds like love. - C. D.


Book Two of
The Shape-shifting Priestesses
of Pygras


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"I am the emperor's teeth."

     High Commander Kade Quil loathes everything about his former enemy world, Pygras. Ordered to assist a Pygrian priestess on a rescue mission, he explodes—until he meets the graceful shape-shifter priestess assigned him. Her enchanting pink eyes halt his warpath. What creature could she manifest?

     Scholar Willa Canatar must save her kidnapped sister, but tolerating the handsome but nasty-dispositioned investigator is torture. When tragedy blows their mission apart, the priestess and the cop become entangled in the turbulent forces of the universe.

     The invincible Master of Cig wants the shape-shifters dead, their magic stolen, so he’s experimenting on them, exterminating their prophecy of his fall. Before he accomplishes his evil plot, he’ll face a sneaky cop with few limits, a beautiful priestess, and a wolf-spirit from the Second Universe ready to prove the Master’s immortality a myth.  

     Someone near the Master holds the secret to trumping the undefeated Kade Quil—take the priestess the high commander wants, and kill his people.


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Coming in 2018!

Book Three of
The Shape-shifters of Pygras adventure:

"I am the emperor's brain."