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Magnetism: Unusual power to attract, fascinate, or influence.

Who can defy the forces of the universe?

Book One of
The Shape-shifting Priestesses
of Pygras

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"I am the emperorís muscle."


     As embattled worlds welcome a long-awaited cease-fire, High Commander Ty Draycie seeks evidence against a rebel force undermining his familyís rule of their growing kingdom. Under royal insistence, he takes along on his mission a gorgeous, raven-tressed alien priestess who will serve as lure for a traitor. Disbelieving space tales of shape-shifters, Tyís mind is filled with want for the pink-eyed witch.

Priestess Zia Valentis has lost much to this shaky new peace. Now a genocidal monster hunts her. Her defense awaits in the majestic white tigress, the priestessís companion-spirit in the Second Universe. Safety lay in the virile high commanderís guard, but falling into his sensuous temptation will cost her the sacred shift forever. Could she steal Tyís healthy genes for her dying world without suffering his great power to smash her plans?

The vicious Desert Viper gives chase, ready to eliminate the shape-shifting priestesses of Pygras, beginning with Zia, the shifter held by his worst enemy, Ty Draycie.

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 Jane Leopold Quinn
Author of Ancient Ties

I really like Crystal Drake's books. They're long and you can dig yourself in and live in a whole new universe for a while. (And who doesn't want to escape from this one for a while?) The universe may be new, but the characters are real people with real emotions, desires, and goals. Zia and Ty both want the same things for themselves and the lives of their peoples, but they're coming from completely different directions to get to the same outcome. Going with them on their journey is so much fun as they work for peace between their two worlds. One particular quote I loved - deep and simple at the same time, "Ah, peace. Now there's the challenge for a race that loves a challenge." The romance between Zia and Ty is amazing. Zia's innocent, sensual interest in Ty was charming and believable. Ty, on the other hand, has no idea what he's in for with Zia.
I loved Magnetic and its companion book, Entangled.

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