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     Some of the pink-eyed women on the moon Pygras possess the ability to shift, blend with their companion-spirits in the Second Universe. But what is the root of that power?

     Three brave men will discover the answer.

     The priestesses of a secret religion are hunted for their talents by an Immortal prophesied to lose his reign to their magic. A fearless and strategic young man granted a crown at his birth steps forward to protect them.

     Determined to uncover the truth of the religion's genocide, the sovereign deploys his three best friends, each cursed and blessed with a shape-shifting priestess under his guard and a dangerous mission to complete.

All for justice. Anything for justice.
Joren Deauxdatryx,
12th sovereign ruler of ConsulateRhonta

He never saw the truth of his kingdom coming.

* * *

      Planet Rhonta and her moon Pygras have been at war for generations. The stronger, Rhonta has been ruthless. Pygras is war-weary and headed for a slow radiation death for her defense against devastating military might.

     Prince Joren of Rhonta rises to his father’s throne and learns his forces have secretly stripped the moon of much of her population. The Crown has a great deal to accomplish in the redemption of his throne’s honor.

     Trusted with temple secrets, Joren returns to his kingdom to seek those responsible for the slaughter of Pygras, and he faces a homegrown rebel force intent on assassinating his family and keeping the two worlds separate.

     Unpopular with his government for forcing the union of thrones and worlds, the Crown soon sets up his three best friends and officers, each hateful of Pygras, to defend the enemy. He'll place a beautiful priestess in each of his buddies' hands. He'll ignore the fact they are wild bachelors uninterested in love as he had fallen for his worst enemy's daughter.
    Joren will trap them all in his plans to manage his growing kingdom. He wants his worlds magnetic, entangled, and synergized.


"Ty is my muscle, Kade my teeth,
 Breckin my brain."


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(Now available!)

     Now guardian of the Pygrian people, the prince will put his best man on the investigation, high commander of the Rhontaian military, Ty Draycie, Joren's cousin and one of his best friends.

     And he’ll stick a very patient Ty with Zia Valentis, the same shape-shifting hellcat priestess who’d defended her princess and had given Joren a painful detour of his honeymoon plans. Ty and Zia must prove the conspiracy involving the Desert Viper, the rebel leader who’d nearly wiped Pygras clean of her people. All the while, the Viper hunts Zia for her ability to reach the Second Universe and Ty for his revenge-murder. Only the giant white tigress she manifests can save her, and not by transformation.

     As usual, everyone carries conflicting agendas. Don't they always?

     Ty traces the slither of a rebel leader, but that doesn’t slow the high commander’s search for a good time. He thrills to the challenge of bedding the very hot and temperamental priestess. Zia will lose her magic, say good-bye to the tigress forever if she gives in to Ty’s skillful seduction. He keeps her weak under the power of such compelling attraction as they escape a black army in control of the kingdom’s top technology. Surrendering to the magnetism between them, they learn too late their souls are now entangled with the Second Universe, connected for a lifetime, whether they like it or not.

     Life will be very short when the Desert Viper catches up with them.

     Joren’s empire grows.


(Now available!)

     Someone has just snatched citizens of ConsulateRhonta by interstellar teleport, and Joren won’t let such a crime against his people go unpunished. He knows who’s taken the Pygrian children and a shape-shifter priestess. It’s the Master of Cig, an Immortal who had orchestrated the bleeding of Pygras’s shape-shifters before the Crown of Rhonta had ascended to the throne. Ancient prophesy predicts the Immortal’s fall at the hands of the shape-shifters’ magic.

     Now sovereign of three worlds, Joren decides to take the fight to the enemy’s door and topple the Master of Cig’s reign, so he sends the head of his civilian police, High Commander Kade Quil, the sneakiest bastard he knows and a close buddy since Academy. The high commander will take measure of the enemy.

     The emperor will partner Kade, ever the heartless sadist, together with Willa Canatar, the sweet and soft-spoken sister of the priestess kidnapped, a shape-shifter capable of bringing a wolf to the tracking of her sister with her special Second Universe connection.

Kade believes himself unbreakable until the Master of Cig unwisely targets his priestess for capture and enslavement. Now the high commander will break the Master of Cig.

     What Kade and Willa learn from the mission changes four worlds.


(Coming 2018.)

     Fresh from contact with the Second Universe, every priestess on two worlds awakens from sleep screaming, and Joren suspects a bad ending with no intervention.

     Only one person outside the temples has drawn such an adverse reaction, Breckin Draycie, the Crown’s director of interstellar technologies and one of his partners-in-crime through his notorious playboy teen years. Breckin’s still sadly entangled with the Second Universe, though he’d long ago lost the priestess he loved to a genocidal madman.

     Only one priestess, Genika Tallay, has drawn the same message as Breckin: Everyone would soon die. Strangely, she is the only priestess of the temples who cannot shape-shift, but she is an energetic splash of color.

     To the worried pause of his friends, Breckin becomes dark, obsessed with solving the mystery of the Night of Screams and absorbed by a star system he’d found in an alien textbook. He believes there’s a connection between them. Behind a seemingly unknowing emperor’s back, the scientist builds a spacecraft to reach an outlawed planet, Sol III, and he steals Genika away from the temple. She fears for the director’s sanity.

     If they reached Sol III, what would the director do about a planet self-destructing?

     Breckin and Genika find the other side, the Second Universe, and a doomsday machine that could kill them all, even on worlds at the other end of the galaxy.

    Only Joren can save Sol III.


Everything’s connected, you know.

And the Crown is counting on this.

"The kingdom owning the shift controls all.
Make your priestess give you her secrets.

As you're well aware, the priestesses belong to me.
So don't allow another man to touch my stuff."

That's how Joren set their traps.

- Ty -

     Both a fighter and a lover, Ty decides to sex-up his priestess to uncover temple mysteries, and he frees a butterfly from her cocoon. His escort of her to her womanhood costs him much more than he thought gambled.

Available now.

 Magnetic here

- Kade -

     A bit sadistic and short on boundaries, Kade chooses to torture his priestess for answers and finds a gentle breeze makes deeper progress with a beautiful and soulful woman.

Available now.

 Entangled here

- Breckin -

     Experienced at loving and losing a priestess and slowly going mad over the memories, Breckin runs from his destiny to love another priestess. Then he learns his sanity lay in her embrace, living in her glow.


Coming 2018.

 Synergized here


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