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Synergy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects.

Who can defy the forces of the universe?

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"I am the emperor’s brain."

How far must a man go
 to regain his peace of mind?
What if the answer
 was a hundred thousand light-years away?


       Director Breckin Draycie is going mad. Though his fiancée is dead three years, his entanglement with the shape-shifting priestesses of Pygras has not been severed. An obsession over a backwoods planet, possibly the source of the transformative talent, convinces him he could break the doomed connection. His best hope lay in the only priestess who listens. Her pink eyes give him peace.

     Priestess Genika Tallay receives a message from the Second Universe: Everyone will soon die. The only other person to receive the warning is the too-handsome director, and he doesn’t seem all that firm in the sanity department. When he steals a spaceship and plucks her from her temple, she’s given no choice but to accompany him to some barely noted blue planet in the Sol system programmed for self-destruction. Genika prays she reaches reason in Breckin before the blackguards of uncharted space seize them.

     Even the emperor, a lifelong friend unfamiliar with failure, is tested to find them.

Synergized is the sequel for Entangled.

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