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The Pool Party 
This excerpt is R-rated. You must be 18 years old to read on.


"Are you sure there are no holes in your privacy fence?"

"I'm aware of several rather large holes, right at sight level."

She snickered against his shoulder as he swept her body with his hands in a slow exploration, snapping the spandex from her body as if it violated his sacred territory. The small jeopardy of being discovered titillated her.

"This must go. It's in my way."

Elissa giggled, and Greg peeled away the bathing suit, leaving her to cross her arms over her nudity. Before she could suspect his evil motives, Greg snatched her up by her waist and tossed her onto the inflated mattress floating on the water. Elissa shrieked from the surprise, and she smacked a hand over her mouth to keep from drawing the attention of the crowd next door.

He leapt onto the mattress beside her, rocking the boat and causing another explosive laughter from both of them that probably blended into the neighborhood noise.

"Sh," Greg whispered at her feet, his tone sneaky. "They might hear us."

Just gazing down her unclothed body at him caused Elissa a cascade of sensations like a waterfall spinning a paddle wheel. The setting sun made the water droplets sliding down his toasty skin sparkle. He looked reckless, and oh-so libidinous. She had to lick her lips, dried from the moisture of her body shifting downward.

An intent gleam in his eye, he started at her ankles, straddled her legs and began a slow crawl up her body like a predator trapping his dinner.

"It might not be a great idea to make love to me out here, Greg."

He passed her hips, his face inches away from the curls of her sex, placed a feather kiss there, then another kiss on her bellybutton as he crawled upward. The way his dark-chocolate eyes caressed her so hungrily made her ache.

"I think it's the best idea in the world."

"After last night, I can testify to the fact that I can't keep quiet."

His smile ripened into a full-fledged passion for risk, and he paused to stare at her breasts. "God, I know. It was music to my ears."

Elissa sucked her lips into her mouth, distrusting herself not to giggle aloud. He was so damned cute. If Greg were the Devil, she'd consider a life of sin.

"Irresistible impulse..." she pled aloud in a long moan.

Fully above her now, he smiled, badness and debauchery dancing in his eyes. His hair was wild, his gaze anticipating and eager.

"You seemed like such a good boy when I met you."

Greg descended on her, filled his mouth with her unshielded breast, sending her hands into his hair and causing her to arch and moan and lose all reason. Her knees rose to hug his torso, pressing him against her in case he tried to get away.

"Shh," he demanded around her nipple, the movement of his lips and rush of his breath on her wet flesh sending more bliss and tension through her.

"People might hear you, Elissa.... You're not supposed to cry out, you bad girl. But I'm going to make you do it, anyway."

He descended on her other breast and suckled her until only iron discipline kept her from uttering desperate moans. He made her body ache for him. She caught herself in a tight grip of his damp black hair and had to release him several times at the realization, but he didn't let up on her at all. He did make her cry out more than once beyond her suppression, no matter how much being heard would've embarrassed her.

Greg sat up on his knees between her open knees, his power position. Feeling the roll of the water beneath them added to the intoxication. Seeing him and his conquest smile between her legs rocked her with another shudder.

He stroked the sensitive flesh of her inside thighs. "You should feel the heat coming off you, Elissa. You're scorching hot."

His mere contact in intimate places put her just where he left off when the doorbell rang, on the verge of starvation for him. She didn't know how she'd stay quiet enough not to draw the curiosity of the party guests. She couldn't stay quiet when he touched her like this.

"You could take me into the bedroom now," she muttered between rushed breaths.

Greg shook his head in abject denial, no mercy in his eye. His hand slid to the apex of her thighs, and his thumb stroked through the hair there, sending a new shiver through her. "Not gonna happen that way."


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