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It could be happening right now.
Behind your back.
And you could be next.

What would any man do,
holding the secrets to mind control
while the woman he wants
resists his charms?

    Jon Paige discovers his employer is developing mind-control techniques. He quickly learns how to hijack the system and breaks down his beautiful assistant's persistent walls. Will Holly forgive him, if she ever learns of it?

     Holly Maddox is determined not to dip her pen in the company ink, a policy that's served her well...until Jon comes along. He steals her mind when he's in the room, weakens her fortitude with every flash of his flirty eyes and secretive smile. How will she keep herself from falling in love with her boss when he melts her impulse control?
     When Jon and Holly decide to sabotage the mind-control experiments, they learn they're up a against a far greater power than they'd bargained for. Doing the right thing risks lives. Will the truth
of their beginnings wreck their sizzling affair?
     What will corporations and governments do with the power to change people's minds?

I hope you enjoy Mind-blown.


(This excerpt is R-rated.)


            Was this too quick? Her aching body didn't think so.

            Jon stepped away from her, switched on her bathroom light, and closed the bathroom door halfway, leaving the room lit only by rays of light parting shadows at odd angles. Then he closed the bedroom door, eliminating the living room light. The white of her bed sheets made the bed glow in the low illumination. Tension rippled through her, and she suppressed a visible shudder shaking down her spine to be in the dark with him. She hadn't allowed herself to imagine that.

            He stood before her again, and she reached over and tugged his t-shirt from his pants, granting him permission, leaving him no doubt of her desires and confirming her loss of sobriety. Sporting a Cheshire grin, he pulled the t-shirt over his head, revealing a weight-worked body and a chest with a soft-looking scatter of dark hair. His hands hungrily followed her hourglass figure, bringing her back to him, and he placed gentle nibbling kisses to her lips. "Promise me you won't forget this moment."

            "Forget this moment?"


            Undeterred by any measly apprehension, he stripped himself of his trousers, and the sight of the disrobing caused another throb to chase through her. Leaving himself in boxers, he returned to slow-dance her toward her bed. "Donít forget what this moment feels like. Promise me."

            It did feel different. It did feel profound. It did feel inevitable, and waiting any longer for the pressure to become unbearable seemed like an unnecessary torture. "I promise I'll not forget."

            Anxious to be naked in front of a man again, she steeled herself for the trauma and worked her jeans from her body, leaving herself in her top and panties. Unsatisfied with partial nudity, Jon took hold of her top, drew it over her head, and her unbound breasts sprang free. The cool air hit like a slap, and she instinctively crossed her arms over her figure, but the heat radiating off his body like a Texas desert brought her back to warmth. Tossing the top over his shoulder like unwanted rubbish, he pressed her back into his hot-flesh embrace, his hands roving her back in a sexy caress to further warm her, her bare breasts mashed against his hard chest. She closed her eyes to enjoy each texture of his body.

            He put a knee on the bed behind them, and he wrapped an arm around her waist, taking her with him across the queen-sized mattress. Lying on her back beside him propped up on his side, he let his sight caress her breasts and slide down the nearly naked silhouette of her body. The eccentric lighting lent time-stretching drama to the event. He smelled bold and natural in cedar. She pressed her nose to the flesh of his neck and took in more of him, as tumultuous waves of want and anticipation she hadn't known in years washed over her.

            Dilatory, Jon stroked her long red hair against the sheets, indulging in the pleasure. They'd stripped in record time, but now he slowed them down. She shook and hoped it didn't show. His kiss hot on her mouth, his wandering fingers set the flesh he touched afire. Onto her belly, his hand slid, and then upward to cup her bare breast and force a groan of pleasure from her. His hand seared her, causing every cell in her body to arise at his summons. Another embarrassing moan escaped her lungs, and he parted from her.

            "I didn't think it would be this much fun," he confided through a naughty grin, drawing slow circles over her breasts and launching physical fireworks through her.

            "How long have you been thinking of it?" she asked, but he didn't answer. He intended to keep that a secret.

            Rising and straddling her, he bent and scooped her up into another hot and savoring kiss. Then he moved to her neck where he planted tender kisses and gentle lashes of his tongue, tasting her. She squeezed his hard biceps to endure the rapture. Holly couldn't keep oxygen in her lungs and endure the shocks of pleasure he sent coursing through her body. The heat of his mouth made her sweat.

            Jon rolled the boxers from his body and slowly peeled her panties from her hips. Putting himself between her knees, he sat back on his heels, surveying her delightedly. He slid his hands up her thighs in the same titillating caress he'd given them through her jeans on the couch, and this time his fingers against her bare flesh sent tremors beneath his touch. She fisted the comforter of her bed to release some of the tension he brought out.

            "Are you cold?" he asked, and he moved over her, sharing more of his heat and taking wanton nips of her neck, his knees sunk between hers. The feel of his body between her legs accelerated the shiver. She didn't think she could take much more of his tease before she began to beg.

            "No, I'm not cold," she said, her hands exploring his muscular body in worship of his perfect primal male form, her thumbs following the long trail of hair into untanned territory, encountering his hard erection awaiting her. "The shiver is about you."

            "I'll give you relief."

            Balanced over her, he swept her into another passionate kiss, wrapped his arms around her, and sank deeply into her body, causing her to break his kiss and gasp aloud at the explosion of his entry. Her hands went to his hips, and she felt deep furrows of hard scar tissue cut into his flesh on his right hip, but the meter and magic of his work stole her mind from all but feeling him plunge within her, becoming a part of her.



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